Website Maintenance Is Important!

Your Website Is An Asset – Take Care Of It!

I was recently asked to take a look at a website because the owner could not login to it. What I found was the stuff of nightmares!

The login area had stopped working altogether. It turns out that multiple versions of WordPress had come and gone since the owner had last logged in to the site. The hosting company had also updated their infrastructure, resulting in the website running on a system more advanced that it was configured to operate on.

Once inside, the WordPress version was more than two years out of date and sixteen plugins were at varying stages of self destruction. One plugin was abandoned by its author 7 years ago and caused the whole site to fail when reactivated after updates were applied.

No security plugins were installed and no security certificate (SSL) was present – which is a worry as it was a small eCommerce site.

The moral of this tale is – if you commit to buying a website, you need to commit to keeping it up to date!

You wouldn’t buy a company car or van, plaster your logo across it and then let it fall apart, would you?

My services are generally aimed at small businesses who are passionate about what they do, but who may not have the confidence, technical or marketing ability to manage a website properly. There is no shame in asking for help.

I offer a Website Management Service for WordPress Websites. For a reasonable fee, I will take care of your software updates and security monitoring – and I will give you a hand with tasks such as content quality assurance and search engine optimisation.

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