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WordPress Website Audits

If you have launched a website over the last few years, and you put all the content together yourself – well done! But has anyone checked it for you? I’m not talking about a close friend or relative – I’m talking about someone who knows what to look for AND who will tell you if something is wrong – and how to fix it?

We ALL make mistakes. Just because you are great at your job and know your business inside out, does not automatically mean that you will be great at writing about it.

Spelling and grammatical errors can silently weaken your SEO score. Poorly laid-out content and grainy images can turn users off before they even start reading. And a tendency to use “sales talk” or be overly informal in your tone CAN damage that all-important first impression.

Looking “under the bonnet” it’s also important to monitor your software, address nagging “site health” announcements and keep on top of spam comments. Your users need to feel safe when using your website.

My “WordPress Website Audit” offers a comprehensive evaluation of your website, inside and out, and offers sensible, clear guidance on any improvements that should be made.

For further information, please drop me a line here and I will respond within 12 business hours.