What Happened To Courtesy?

As a small business, I value every enquiry I receive and I always try to find solutions to a challenge, even if that means that someone else gets the work. But I often wonder now, why do I bother!

What happened to courtesy between businesses?

I would never dream of ignoring an enquiry but I have found that this now seems to be the norm elsewhere, especially when approaching larger companies where a grander solution is required to complete a project for a client.

Recently, I approached twenty companies regarding a project which required some fairly specialised software. Only four acknowledged that I exist. Two of them implied that my client was too small to be bothered with (one stated it almost in those exact terms) and the other two were unable to help.

This has been a terrible year for everyone and simple things matter more now than ever. It’s sad that some people need reminding – no matter how big the company is, no matter what role you hold within it – courtesy costs absolutely nothing.

Your potential customer has given you a compliment by asking for your input and you should always respect that.