Terms & Conditions

“I”, “Me” and “My” refers to Stuart O’Sullivan trading as SOS Web Services.
“Service(s)” refers to work being undertaken by Me for which a fee is payable.
“You”, “Your” and “Client” refers to the individual or business requesting and / or receiving Service(s).
“In Writing” refers to an instruction or a change relating to Service(s) that has been acknowledged and agreed by Me through means of a printed letter or an email.
Your agreement to these Terms & Conditions is confirmed on receipt of Your first payment after issue, including any deposit on Service(s).
Scope of Service
1. Service(s) shall be limited to those specifically stated by Me In Writing.
2. Service(s) shall not be provided to a Client if their business is political, adult or otherwise contentious in nature.
3. Service(s) shall not be provided to a Client if their business website is used to host and / or distribute malicious or damaging material.
4. Service(s) shall not be provided to a Client if a grant is being applied for to cover costs.
5. Where a third party supplier is involved in the delivery of Service(s), You will be notified on commencement and it will be Your responsibility thereafter to ensure that any future third party charges are covered in full and on time.
Payment Terms
6. Any quotation issued by Me shall be valid for a period of thirty (30) days from date of issue.
7. A non-refundable deposit (“Consultancy Fee”) shall be required before commencement of certain Service(s).
8. My standard invoice terms are ten (10) days from date of invoice.
9. Websites will not be activated until the required payment has been received.
10. I reserve the right to suspend or cancel any Service(s) where a payment is delayed or withheld, including suspension of access to Your social media or web services.
11. Suspended accounts will not be reactivated until payment has been received and has cleared in My account.
Completion and Cancellation
12. I will endeavour to deliver Service(s) within the timelines indicated at the offset, subject to availability of resource and continuing good health.
13. You must give Me thirty (30) days written notice of Your intention to discontinue use of my Service(s) and My acceptance of Your notice must be confirmed In Writing before it can be considered binding.
14. Your final payment must be made in full before the termination can take effect.
15. I reserve the right to suspend or cancel Service(s) – without notice or compensation – if the Client is found to be in breach of Terms 2 or 3.
16. No correspondence will be entered in to with third parties, including other service suppliers.
Creative License
17. You will agree to any slight modification of any image, graphic or other content You provide if it is considered that such an amendment will be beneficial to the project.
Content Integrity
18. It will remain Your responsibility to ensure that Your website content reflects You in an accurate manner, is free of errors and does not contain material deemed inappropriate or defamatory.
19. You are responsible for any Copyright clearances in relation to the images or documents that You submit in relation to Service(s) provided.
20. All notes, sketches, forms and other documentation provided to You by Me shall remain My property and must not be copied or shared with third parties.
21. While My Service(s) do adhere to best practice in terms of site design, Search Engine Optimisation and content creation, I offer no guarantee that Your website or social media presence will automatically achieve top rankings on any search engine as a result of the implementation of changes I recommend.
22. While My Service(s) are mindful or security standards and legal guidelines, You will accept full responsibility for ensuring Your website remains within all legal and other obligations and discharge Me of same.
23. Where My Service(s) are being provided on a third party platform such as social media or a website hosted by a third party, You will agree to appoint Me as sole administrator of that platform until such time as My final invoice has been paid.
24. Where My Service(s) are being provided on a third party platform such as social media or a website hosted by a third party, You acknowledge My right to suspend Service(s) if Your payment is delayed.
25. Any website or other media produced as part of Service(s) provided will remain My property until My final invoice has been paid in full and the payment has cleared in My bank account.
26. You will retain ownership of any intellectual property You submit, including images, brochures or other items.
27. You will agree to the addition of a site designer credit at the bottom of your website and use of Your site homepage in My own promotions as appropriate.
28. I will endeavour to deliver stable and secure Service(s) but will offer no undertaking that any third party software or networks used are free from errors or security flaws.
29. I accept no responsibility for loss of Service(s) or damage to business or reputation caused as a result of a security breach or the malicious use of Your website or related accounts to distribute malware or spam.
30. It will remain Your responsibility to update software and to maintain good security practices in relation to Your website, social media accounts and any devices that are used to control them.
31. I reserve the right to suspend Your website or social media accounts if a security breach is suspected.

Additional Terms
32.0 In respect of My Small Business Website Package, the following additional Terms & Conditions shall apply:
32.1 You shall submit Your content in electronic format via the Service Creation system.
32.2 Your content shall be published unchecked, unless You have selected a Content Optimisation add-on.
32.3 Service(s) shall be delivered on a license basis and I shall retain full ownership of the website structure.
32.4 Your authority to use the Small Business Website template shall be revoked should You decide to transfer to another supplier and You may not transfer the website structure to them or instruct them to replicate it.
32.5 Access to My server network shall not be granted to You or any third party.
33.0 In respect of My Social Media Packages, the following additional Terms & Conditions shall apply:
33.1 You shall agree to appoint me as sole administrator (full rights) of any media profile created or managed by Me for the duration of any agreement.
33.2 All requests in relation to Your social media accounts must be submitted In Writing – this can include by email or text message.
33.3 You shall agree to give one month’s notice of your intention to end a management contact.

July 2017