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Hacking & Phishing Attempts Up By 37%

Website security experts, Cloudflare, have shared a grim warning that hacking and phishing attempts have increased by 37% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. On some days, the number of attacks they blocked, was four to six times greater than normal.

Let’s break those terms.


Just like a burglar breaking in to your home, ransacking it and making off with your possessions, hackers are particularly nasty pieces of work. These are individuals or groups that will deliberately try to “break in” to a website, to take control of it for their own purposes or to destroy it altogether. Some will do it just to say “that they can” while others will have more sinister motives. 



Phishing is an attempt by a criminal to acquire private and / or sensitive information using email, telephone or fake websites (spoofing). The fraudsters will masquerade as a well known or seemingly legitimate business – typically a company that you might actually deal with such as a bank, a retail outlet or even a social network. They could even use the name and email address of one of your friends, just to get your attention.


Hackers have been focusing their campaigns on the most-affected countries and states, preying on people’s fear and using the offer of hope as way to deceive them when they are at their most vulnerable. Phishing emails, fake websites and malicious phone apps have been used to trick people into revealing personal, sensitive or financial information.

ALL users are vulnerable to attacks like these. Click here to view some basic advice on how to protect yourself.

I will be enhancing my security training for my clients over the coming weeks. Check back soon for details.