SOS Web Services


What Does The Package Include?

I offer a range of optional add-on services which are individually priced.

Can I See The Website In Action?
You have! This website is built using an extended version of the FAST WEBSITE template. Your website will incorporate the homepage and news functions. The template will be developed and enhanced over time so future versions may vary slightly. 
Are There Any Additional Costs?
Domain and hosting fees are payable annually. Your first year is included in the fee. 
Will I Own The Website?
You will own the content but not the site structure. Ownership of the site structure will be retained by SOS Web Services but you can use it for as long as you want.
Will There Be A Consultancy Meeting?
Not in person. Once you have ordered your Fast Website, you will be granted access to the online Service Development Centre where you will be asked a series of simple questions which will help me to put your website together.
Do You Offer Training?
Yes – full training is available online. When your site is ready, you will be granted access to the Training Centre which offers easy to follow courses on all aspects of website management.   
How Many Pages Will My Website Have?
This is primarily a brochure website with a blog so it is up to you how many posts you add. I will create your homepage with your key business information, but the number of posts (blog entries) that you add yourself is potentially limitless.
Can I Edit My Homepage?
No. Editorial access to your homepage will be locked. This is to ensure that sensitive page configurations are not accidentally broken. If you want to edit the content of the page, please Contact Me.
Can I Share Audio Clips or a Podcast On My Site?
Yes! If you’re using a service such as Spotify or SoundCloud, you can easily embed a special code in your posts to share audio files via your website.
Can I Post Videos?
Yes! You can upload videos to a service such as Youtube or Vimeo and then embed a special code in a post on your website which displays the video.
What Happens If My Website Stops Working?
Providing that you keep on top of your domain and hosting fees, and you keep your software up to date, it is unlikely that you will experience any serious issues with your website. From time to time, servers require maintenance and external factors may impact on service, but the infrastructure currently runs at 99.99% up time. If you believe there is an issue with your website, you can contact me for advice.
Who Is Responsible For Updating Software Etc?
You are. It will be your responsibility to ensure you keep your website software up to date but this is easy and my online training will show you how its done.
What Kind Of Support Do You Offer?
Once your website is activated, you will have access to the online Training Centre and online support for four weeks. This offers ample time to familiarise yourself with the workings of your new website and iron out any kinks.
Do You Provide Technical Support?
No, I take care of websites and issues relating to them. Site visits, office setup, configuration of PCs and email applications etc is not included.
Can You Manage The Site For Me?
Click here for co-management services.